Portfolio Companies

Gerrity Capital is a technology company that develops industry-transforming digital media, big-data and transaction-based trading platforms for the global real estate marketplace. Portfolio companies include:

World Property Media Group, Inc. (WPMG) is the parent holding company to both the number one organically ranked “International Real Estate News” site in the world today by Google – the World Property Journal digital real estate newspaper -- and the globally emerging real estate news, lifestyle and entertainment video streaming platform World Property Channel.

World Property Exchange Group, Inc. (WPEG) is a globally emerging and fully automated online real estate investment platform that will significantly leverage technology to operate (3) marketplaces – real estate ASSET, DEBT, EQUITY exchanges -- designed to connect qualified real estate market participants worldwide looking for money -- with qualified market participants who have money -- in a more efficient, intelligent, simplified and lower cost manner. Like a major Wall Street investment bank, WPE is ultimately in the global real estate money matching business -- for a fee.

Given the explosion of global real estate capital flows, global cross-border property investing and the massive rise of middle-class economies around the world in the coming decade – WPE’s three real estate exchanges will provide the enterprise - caliber transaction plumbing and infrastructure to properly and securely -- authenticate, price, securitize, issue, track, trade, hedge and manage multiple categories of real estate transactions -- and provide global liquidity for all market participants.

Election Channel is an Internet-based news platform covering Government elections, political news, opinion, candidate profiles and policies - worldwide.