GERRITY CAPITAL | 2017 Overview

Gerrity Capital is a private Miami, Fla-based technology development and investment company founded by veteran real estate, media and technology entrepreneur Michael J. Gerrity (with additional offices in Irvine, Ca and NYC).

The company identifies, funds and develops -- in collaboration with investor partners worldwide -- real estate industry transforming digital news platforms, global big-data property listings platforms, and transaction-based real estate investment platforms. Our goal is to create significant long-term shareholder value by building companies that can disrupt large key industries on a global scale leveraging enabling new technologies, innovative new business models, processes, and inspired human capital.

The company’s core focus and industry strengths are the: 1) global real estate news industry, 2) global property listings big-data marketplace, and 3) global real estate capital markets and property investment industry (aka real estate “Fintech” sector).

Each company is developed independently, with different ownership legal structures, investors, target markets, clients, industries, technologies, patents and separate investor exit events.

Portfolio Companies Include:

The World Property Journal is a 6-year old and Miami-based global digital real estate newspaper with millions of annual online readership (worldwide) that currently is the top organically ranked “International Real Estate News” site in the world by Google (and 54 countries). WPJ’s daily market news is constantly sourced, quoted or mentioned each month by other mass media outlets that include: Bloomberg News, The National Association of Realtors, National Real Estate Investor Magazine, NASDAQ, TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, AOL News, NBC, CBS, ABC, Wall Street Journal and many others.

Global Listings, Inc. was launched in late 2016 as a spinoff company of World Property Journal’s global classified ad listings platform. As a new operational company with offices in Irvine, Ca, and Miami, is fast becoming the top ranked "International Real estate Listings" site in the world by search engines, with currently over 287,000+/- active property listings uploaded each month from over 115 different countries and growing.

World Property Exchange Group, Inc. with offices in Lower Manhattan, WPE is a globally emerging (late 2017), Government regulated, and fully automated online real estate investment platform. WPE significantly leverages new technologies like Block Chain, coupled with new business models, to connect qualified real estate market participants worldwide looking to invest in multiple real estate assets classes and locations -- in a more efficient, intelligent, simplified, liquid and lower transaction cost manner. WPE ultimately is a fully automated global online real estate investment bank.